our fab story

It’s all about LOVE.


We want every woman, especially in Africa, to become Leaders, financial independents, conscious of their potential. We want you to be successful, to make money, to build your country. Hair business is just a pretext to make you active and free. 


We are Africans from Europe, America and Asia and we want you to take control of your life and start.


If you don’t want to be an entrepreneur, you can be beautiful, choose and buy our hair clip, simple to fix in fewer than 30 min and without any help. Clip in hair will save you time and money and allow you to take time for what matters for you.


The second innovation is the magnetic eyelashes. Reusable and more bio. No need to use glue anymore.


Anyway girls, you rock. Be the change in the world. Whatever your age, your country, your situation. You Go Girl. Yes, You Can! 

© 2019 by Maperuk. 

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